Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christ the King

                Most of us are thankful to live in a country with a constitution that forbids a royal or noble class.  No Sir Steve or your eminence.  We are all equal citizens of this great land.  We all have the right to vote, and we are all protected under the constitution.  Of course our system is not perfect; it is a human system, so unfortunately at times, it favors those in a powerful position.

                Because of our political system, we probably have difficulty understanding the concept of king and subjects, but whether or not we understand, we have a king.  This Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ is our king.  Jesus reigns in heaven and on earth.  The question is, do we recognize Christ’s rule.  Most of us will say we do; however, does the way we live out our lives reflect the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

                The text for the sermon this coming Sunday will be Luke 23:33-43.  It is a bitter text, for it takes us to the cross where our King died.  In the text we hear about the moment when Jesus offered hope to the thief who was crucified next to him.

                If you read the text before Sunday, I suggest you consider the following questions:

                1) How do we trivialize Christ’s reign in our own lives and in the church?

                2) If we let Christ rule us, where will he take us? 

                3) If we let Christ rule us, who is it we are to stand with and for?

                Good questions for reflection, from the pen of Jill Duffield who edits the Presbyterian Outlook.

                See you Sunday,