Monday, March 2, 2015

Daylight Savings Time

If you arrive at church this Sunday (March 8) and the congregation is either leaving or about to leave worship, it means you forgot to set your clocks forward one hour.  That’s right Daylight Savings time begins this weekend.  How does the reminder go, “spring forward then fall back?” 

I remember a member of the church I served in Mt. Pleasant always got confused, and at the beginning of Daylight Savings, he set his clocks back one hour.  He got what he thought was an extra hour of sleep, but when he arrived at church Sunday morning the church was deserted for it was actually 1 PM.  He called me in a panic for fear the rapture had happened and he was left behind.  I could understand, that kind of mistake can happen; but what worried me is that if he thought the rapture had happened why did he call me?

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